Natural Stone-Wall Cladding

Maheshwari Impex provides wall cladding & natural stone in Chennai, Cochin, Kerala. Natural stone are used for flooring, elevation, walls, cladding, fireplace, landscaping etc.

Natural stone is a natural product with individual properties determined by the sort and bonding of the minerals comprising the natural stone. Natural stone holds an excellent position among all building materials. Elements of natural stone distinctive specimens, which might be combined with several other materials.

Natural stone is ecological. Natural stone as artifact is found naturally during a nearly finished type. No energy is required for its actual manufacture. Energy is simply consumed for production and process, however the share is tiny compared with different building materials. The stone is extracted principally from comparatively tiny quarries while not major blasting operations. The unused stone waste may be used directly for filling within the components of the quarry wherever stone has been extracted. Nothing is lost within the complete cycle of natural stone production, processing, and returning to nature.

We provide exterior & interior wall cladding in Cochin, Kerala & Chennai. One of the best benefits of wall cladding is protection for your home & residential area. The most distinguished advantage to protection a building is that the borderline maintenance needed as compared to painting. Most external protection needs nothing over regular laundry to keep up its age. Extruded metallic element protection, as an instance, is employed for walls, facades, canopies, roofs and column covers. It provides sturdiness and long resilience, protective the structure from external weather components, whereas requiring nearly no maintenance.

The basic purpose of external protection is protection. It will increase the mechanical strength of a structure, improves its resistance to cracking throughout enlarged natural action, reduces water absorption, will increase resistance to daylight and provides resistance to air and chemical pollution. Protection conjointly offers protection against the rain, robust winds and molds.

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